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Master KAM in Any Industry + Unlock Salary Growth & 2024 Work Predictions

Celebrating the podcast return, boosting your career trajectory, and tying up loose ends – literally.


Welcome to the latest edition of Account-Minded and weekly insights to help you on your journey to client management excellence.

This week, I'm buzzing with excitement! Not only am I deep into crafting a brand new website for The KAM Coach, but I'm also thrilled to announce the return of "The KAM Club Podcast" after a six-month break.

In This Issue

  • The KAM Club Podcast Returns: Unravelling the secrets to key account management success across industries in the latest episodes

  • Career-Boosting Snippets: Insights on salary negotiation, resume tailoring, and embracing work trends for 2024.

  • Featured Resource: Download "The Account Manager's Guide to Client Research" for key insights into client and industry research.

  • Just for Fun: Discover the mathematically correct way to tie your shoes and avoid those untimely trips.

Let's get into it!

🎙️ The Return of The KAM Club Podcast!

Guess what? The KAM Club Podcast is back after a little big break! I've missed chatting with all of you, and I'm thrilled to dive back in with the latest episode, "The KAM Chameleon: How to Shift Strategies & Succeed Anywhere." It's been a journey getting back to the mic, but I'm excited to once again explore the ever-changing world of key account management with you.

The Big Ideas:

  • The Big Question: Is KAM the same no matter where you go? Spoiler: It's a mix of yes and no. We're peeling back the layers on why adapting your strategy is crucial, no matter the industry.

  • Finding Common Ground: Even though our tools and tactics might change, the heart of KAM—building those deep, meaningful relationships—remains constant. I'll share how to bridge the gap between what you know and what you need to know.

  • Diving into Different Worlds: From the fast-paced tech scene to the meticulous world of pharmaceuticals, I'm sharing stories from the field on how to tweak your approach for any client.

  • Your Five-Step Cheat Sheet: I've got some nifty tips on tailoring your KAM strategy to fit any industry's unique challenges and opportunities.

This episode is packed with insights on becoming that indispensable strategic partner, no matter where you find yourself. So whether you're looking to pivot industries or just keen on upping your KAM game, there's something in here for you.

👉 Catch the latest episode here, and let's hit the ground running together.

Three resources to help shape your career strategy in 2024

Three resources to help shape your career strategy in 2024

💡 Success Snippets: Elevate Your Career

1. Discover Your Market Value with the RepVue Sales Index

Navigating the nuances of our industry, it's become clear to me how essential it is to not just adapt our strategies, but also to ensure we're properly valued.

That's why, with performance review season upon us, I've turned my coaching clients on to the RepVue Sales Index. This resource is a treasure trove, offering up-to-date salary information across a wide range of sales roles globally.

It's not merely about numbers; it's about empowering ourselves with knowledge to negotiate confidently and set ambitious career goals. Whether you're in the US, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else, understanding where you stand in the global compensation landscape can make all the difference.

I recommend checking out the RepVue Sales Index . It's helped my clients gain a clearer perspective on their worth in the market, and I believe it can do the same for you.

2. Master the Art of the Targeted Resume

Switching industries or eyeing a new role? Your resume is more than just a document; it's the first handshake with potential employers, and it's got to be spot on.

That's why I want to share something I found incredibly useful: a guide by Resume Worded on crafting a targeted resume. This isn't just any advice—it's a step-by-step walkthrough to ensure your resume highlights your skills in a way that resonates with hiring managers, tailored specifically to the job you're after.

Before I started The KAM Coach, I was out of work and applied for 60 jobs without a single interview. I learned that using the same resume for every application is a missed opportunity. In today's job market, where Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and meticulous hiring managers are the norm, customization is key.

(Of course, had I got an interview - I might not be writing to you now. The universe works in mysterious ways)

This guide will show you how to tweak your resume to not only pass the ATS scan but also to clearly demonstrate my value to potential employers. I can also recommend the Resume Worded newsletter—it’s packed with insights that keep giving you an edge.

Dive into the guide on How to Tailor Your Resume to a Job and start making those small adjustments that could lead to big opportunities.

3. Embrace the Future of Work with Gartner's 2024 Trends

Gartner's latest insights on the future of work trends for 2024 offer a fascinating glimpse into what lies ahead. It's not just for HR managers; there's gold here for all of us looking to stay ahead of the curve. Let's unpack three trends that caught my eye and explore how they might impact your career strategy.

  1. Embrace the New Work Week. The four-day workweek is moving from a wishlist item to reality, with 63% of job seekers flagging it as a top perk. This trend isn't just about more personal time; it's reshaping expectations on work-life balance and flexibility in the job market. Thinking about a switch or a negotiation for shorter workweeks? Now's the time.

  2. Conflict Resolution Skills Are In. With the world's increasing complexities, the ability to manage conflict is becoming a must-have, especially for those eyeing leadership roles. Start sharpening these skills today to stand out tomorrow. A free course to consider is LouvainX's Introduction to Conflict Management.

  3. Skills Over Degrees. The "paper ceiling" is crumbling. In today's job market, skills are increasingly prized over traditional degrees, prompting a shift towards alternative credentials. Before you think about an MBA, explore skill-focused learning avenues like The KAM Club or LinkedIn Learning. It's an investment in your most valuable asset: you.

Check out the full scoop on Gartner's Future of Work Trends for 2024 and get ahead of the game.

Grab your guide to conducting client research.

Grab your guide to conducting client research.

Diving deep into your clients' industries is key, and I've got just the tool to help: The Account Manager's Guide to Client Research. This concise, 21-page guide I wrote is packed with resources, checklists, and insightful questions designed to sharpen your research skills and tailor your strategies perfectly.

Why is this a must-read?

  • It's your blueprint for in-depth industry and client understanding.

  • Provides practical tools to elevate your key account management game.

👉 Grab your copy here and start crafting more impactful, client-focused strategies today.

Learn how to use mathematics to tie your shoelaces

Learn how to use mathematics to tie your shoelaces

😄 Just for Fun: The Mathematically Correct Way to Tie Your Shoes

Ever wondered why your shoelaces come undone at the most inconvenient times? Well, I sure did, especially after the umpteenth time I tripped over a rogue lace. So, I did what any curious person would do—I dove into the internet rabbit hole to find a fix. And guess what? The solution was not Velcro trainers; it's math.

Yes, you read that right.

Math can explain why our laces decide to part ways with our shoes, often at the worst possible moments. And more importantly, it offers a blueprint for the mathematically correct way to tie them. Turns out, I've been doing it wrong for the last 40 years!

If you're as intrigued as I was, or if you're just tired of constantly bending down to tie your shoes, check out this eye-opening piece from Big Think. It's not just a party trick; it's potentially life-altering (or at least, mildly convenient).

👉 Discover the right way to tie your shoes here and prepare to be mind-blown. Who knew our laces could teach us such a valuable lesson in physics and patience?

And that's a wrap for this week!

I hope the insights shared in today's newsletter spark new ideas, offer some solid career guidance, and maybe even change the way you tie your shoes.

Remember, whether it's adapting to new industry trends or crafting the perfect resume, the goal is always to keep evolving.

Until next time,

Warwick Brown
Founder @ The KAM Coach

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