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Hope your week has been productive and full of wins! On my end, I've been busy putting the finishing touches on something exciting: a brand new Key Account Mastery Training Program I'll be sharing more details about it soon, so stay tuned!

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LinkedIn For Biz Dev: 3-Week Gameplan to Secure 3 High-Value Meetings!

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LinkedIn for Business Development

You're Invited: Secure 3 High-Value Meetings in 3 Weeks with LinkedIn (Limited Spots!)

Are you a KAM ready to explode your client relationships and close more deals using LinkedIn?

Join me for a power-packed workshop where I'll reveal a step-by-step plan to help you:

  • Craft a magnetic profile that attracts key decision-makers.

  • Build trust and credibility through thought leadership and meaningful connections.

  • Master the art of personalized outreach and land 3 high-value meetings in 3 weeks!

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  • The entire workshop will be recorded and shared with all ticket holders.

  • You'll receive valuable companion resources to keep the momentum going.

  • You'll have 30 days of access to revisit the recordings and materials.

This is your chance to:

  • Boost your sales pipeline with qualified leads.

  • Position yourself as a trusted advisor in your industry.

  • Unlock the full potential of LinkedIn for business development.

Tired of your LinkedIn "About" section blending into the background?

Get ready for a game-changer! I've created an exclusive AI-powered makeover prompt just for YOU.

Here's the deal:

  • Paste your current "About" section.

  • Get a personalized analysis & score on clarity, value proposition, and more.

  • Receive a custom-written revision highlighting your expertise & attracting ideal clients.

  • Uncover targeted questions to refine your profile for maximum impact further.

All FREE, just for you!

As a LinkedIn social selling expert, you are here to help me 
elevate my profile and establish authority in my industry. You will optimize your "About" section for maximum impact.


1. Ask me to paste my current "About" section from LinkedIn.
2. Analyze the text and grade it out of 5 for the following dimensions:
2.1 Who you are and what you do
2.2 The value you bring
2.3 What sets you apart from other professionals in your field
2.4 Your professional brand and personality
2.5 Your call to action (what you want people to do after visiting your profile).
3. Write an alternative version of my "About" section that you believe will be more impactful, based on the previous analysis across those five dimensions.
4. You will provide a list of follow-up questions to refine my "About" section further and improve its performance across these five dimensions.

Busting the 5 Biggest Myths About Key Account Management

Have you ever seen those LinkedIn posts about Key Account Management (KAM) that make you want to scream into the void? Yeah, same. Don't worry, I've got your back! In this week's podcast episode, I shatter five common KAM myths that leave me rolling my eyes:

Myth #1: Charm Over Substance: KAMs Are All Talk, No Action

Sure, building relationships is important, but it's not just about schmoozing over coffee. Top KAMs possess razor-sharp sales acumen, strategic thinking, and negotiation skills to drive revenue growth. They dive deep into business needs, tailor solutions, and deliver concrete results, not just empty promises.

Myth #2: A Handful of Clients, a World of Leisure

Living the dream with just a few high-value clients? Not so fast. The ideal client count depends on your company, industry, and account value. Exceptional time management and prioritization are your secret weapons to juggle your portfolio without dropping the ball.

Myth #3: Always Saying Yes: The Client's Puppet Master

KAMs aren't doormats! They walk a tightrope, balancing client needs with their company's interests. They're master diplomats, constantly negotiating, adapting, and finding win-win solutions that bring value to both sides.

Myth #4: Lone Wolves in the Organization

Collaboration is king! KAMs manage by influence, not authority. Building strong relationships with marketing, product, and support teams is critical for success. It's all about leveraging the collective expertise to deliver exceptional client experiences.

Myth #5: Automation Dooms the KAM: A Robot Takeover?

While technology streamlines tasks and provides data, the human touch is irreplaceable. Building trust, navigating complex situations, and tailoring solutions are core human strengths that no robot can replicate. KAMs leverage technology to enhance their human skills, not replace them.

Ready to ditch the myths and unlock the true power of KAM? Dive into the full episode on Spotify or iTunes, and unleash your inner account management rockstar!

P.S. Share this with your colleagues who also need a healthy dose of KAM myth-busting!

Capture and share professional screenshots of tweets

Just for Fun: TweetPik

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m always looking for tools to streamline my workflow and create more engaging content. Well, I found a gem called TweetPik and I had to share it!

This free tool lets you snag professional-looking screenshots of any tweet in seconds. Not just yours but even ones from clients, prospects, or industry influencers you admire.

Here's why I love it:

  • Super quick & easy: No more staring at a blank canvas! Grab a tweet, create a screenshot, and you're ready to post.

  • Versatile content across platforms: Use it for eye-catching LinkedIn posts, stylish Twitter retweets, or even quote graphics for Instagram.

  • Amplify others' voices: Share valuable tweets from others and show your appreciation (plus, they might notice!).

TweetPik has saved me tons of time and helped me create content that actually gets engagement. Check it out here.

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